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Our annual poultry club show stands out as a unique and exceptional event due to its combination of community engagement, educational opportunities, and a vibrant showcase of diverse poultry breeds. Bringing together poultry enthusiasts, breeders, and the general public, the event fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for poultry. Attendees witness the beauty and variety of poultry breeds through elaborate displays and benefit from access to our experienced poultry club members and exhibitors from around Victoria who are only too happy to share their knowledge and talk about their birds, breeding and showing experiences.


The show is more than just an exhibition, serving as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and the celebration of a shared love for poultry. The club also serves a beautiful hot meal at the conclusion of the judging, where we come together and celebrate our winners.

Kyneton & District Poultry Club, Auctions, Annual Shows, Working Bees, Beginners & Breeders, Chickens & Ducks


MEMBERS​​​​ - $1.50 (all entries)



*Junior entries follow the same Show Schedule as for senior entries but need to put a ‘J’ in front of the Class number.

Kyneton & District Poultry Club, Auctions, Annual Shows, Working Bees, Beginners & Breeders, Chickens & Ducks
This Show will be held under the VPFA Rules and Regulations.

1. The show will be conducted under current Victorian Government Covid Regulations.
2. All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and have been owned for 21 days.
3. The Club reserves the right to refuse entries under Rule 33 of the VPFA Regulations.
4. Although the greatest care will be taken, the KDPC Inc. will not be responsible for any mistake, accident, loss, injury or damage from any cause whatsoever.
5. No-one is permitted to handle or interfere with the exhibits after the exhibits are penned, except for the appointed judges.
6. Any birds showing signs of dubbing will not be accepted in the show. For more information refer to The APS 2 page 9 under Faking.
7. The decisions of the Judges will be final. Any person or persons causing annoyance or disputing a judge’s decision shall be liable for expulsion from the Show and exhibits and or awards will be disqualified.
8. Judges may withhold any prize where the quality of the exhibits is not sufficient to merit the award.
9. The KDPC Inc. reserves the right to obtain the services of a substitute or extra judge if needed.
10. No bird may be removed from a pen without the authority of the Show Manager.
11. As the KDPC show is being held in affiliation with the VPFA, all Victorian exhibitors must be members of the VPFA & provide their member number.
12. KDPC members only may purchase a One Day Pass for $10. All other Victorian entrants must be current VPFA members.
13. Stewards or Exhibitors may not comment on the merits of any exhibits to a judge until all judging is completed.
14. The Show Secretary may open a class where there are more than 5 birds of the same breed, or amalgamate classes where necessary.
15. Juniors must be between the ages of 6 – 16 years of age in accordance with the VPFA Rules and must pen their own birds.
16. Juniors must not show the same breed as a senior exhibitor if they are living at the same address.
17. Any bird deemed not well will be removed.
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