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Below is a list of poultry-related websites & specialist poultry breed clubs:
Victorian Poultry Fanciers Assoc.
Australasian Poultry Magazine
Tel: 03 5792 4000
Avian Vet – Dr Susan Bibby – Bendigo
Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Victoria
Rare Breeds Trust of Australia
Victorian Rare & New Breed Poultry Society Inc
Victorian Waterfowl Association

Breed Specific Clubs

Ancona Club of Australia
Facebook: Ancona Poultry Australia
Araucana Breeders Group of Australia
Facebook: Araucana Breeders Group
Australorp Club of Australia

Belgian Bantam Club of Australia

Facebook: Belgian Bantam Club

Brahma & Cochin Club of Australia

Dutch Bantam Club of Australia

Hamburg Club of Australia
Indian Game Club of Victoria
Facebook: Game Club of Victoria
Langshan Club of Victoria
Leghorn Club of Victoria
Facebook: Leghorn Club of Victoria

Malay Game Club of Australia

Facebook: Malay Games Enthusiasts

Plymouth Rock Club of Australia
Facebook: Plymouth Rock Club of Victoria Inc
Polish Breeders Club
Facebook: Polish Breeders Club
Orpington Club of Australia
Rhode Island Club of Australia
Rosecomb Bantam Club of Australia
Facebook: The Rosecomb Batam Club
Wyandotte Club of Australia
Facebook: NSW Wyandotte Club
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